Friday, October 23, 2009


halos dalawang buwan din pala akong hindi nagkapagblog...
daming ginagawa kasi... busy... saka daming nangyari...
miss na kita Bloggie...
sayo lang naman ako nakakapagbuhos ng damdamin...
saka sa mga malalapit na kaibigan, na parang kadugtong na ng aking buhay.

heto na naman ako... balik na naman sa dati...
may mga bagay akong gusto mong manatiling ok,
pero alam ko sa sarili ko na kailangan ko na itong tigilan.
pero bakit may kung anong pwersang pumipigil sa akin
upang hindi ko gawin ang paglayo...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Aug. 11 - St. Claire

Regarded as the patron Saint of good weather and of those who are looking for love life. hahaha, infairness, effective si Sta. Clara. :D

Happy Feast Day!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Magic of Tita Cory

hindi ako masyadong fan ni Tita Cory...
kasi pinanganak naman ako, Post-EDSA na...
restored na ang katahimikan...
wala nang kaguluhang bumabalot sa paligid...
pero siya na yung nakamulatan kong presidente.
Lumaki akong ok na ang lahat. Kaya medyo tumatak naman sita sa isip ko.
Nakilala ko siya sa history books. Pero mas nakilala ko siya recently...
sa paraan ng pagpupugay sa kanya ng mga taong nagmamahal sa kanya...
Oo, may mga set backs siya bilang tao at bilang isang pangulo,
pero lahat ng iyon, nabura, dahil sa mga kadakilaan niya
bilang pinuno,
bilang babae,
bilang ina,
bilang tao.

Salamat Tita Cory.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bocaue Pagoda Festival

A while ago, I was with my friend, Julian to watch the annual Bocaue Pagoda Festival. The fiesta is in honor of the Black Cross of Wawa that was found floating in Bocaue River centuries ago. It was later brought to the parish church where it is currently venerated. This was my first time to watch the festivities considering that Meycauayan, where I live, is just two towns away. Pista ng Mahal na Poong Krus ng Wawa of Bocaue is one of the town's pride of place until the tragedy of 1993 when the allegedly poorly-constructed pagoda sank and drowned many of its townsfolk. Since then, the happy air of the fiesta was stained with tears beacause of the lives lost and sacrificed.


This year, like the years after the 1993 tragedy, the pagoda is much smaller as compared to those magnificently constructed pagodas before the accident. I learned that the municipal government regulated the construction of the pagoda each year as regards to the size of pagoda and the materials to be used. This was made in order to avoid disasters like that of the accident of 1993. Devotees and townsfolk were no longer allowed to join the fluvial procession. Only the organizers and several parishioners were allowed to embark and join the Mahal na Krus in its pagoda.

The 2009 Fiesta

The fluvial procession, called Ligiran, starts right after the high mass as the revered cross is born in a procession through the streets of Bocaue to the river bank. Then, the cross will be transfered and placed at the top of the pagoda so that the people watching at the river banks can see the poon as the pagoda makes its rounds, back and forth, via Bocaue and Wawa Rivers. After making its two rounds, the Cross will be disembarked from the pagoda, placed again in its bedecked carozza and then the procession will again grace the main streets of Bocaue back to its shrine.

Reviving what was lost

Although the lives of those who have died in the tragedy will no longer be revived, the organizing committee is trying to revive the happy air of the fiesta. Slowly, boats and barges with devotees are now starting to accompany the Mahal na Poon again in the procession. I hope that the old grandeur of the construction of the pagoda will be revived, even on a smaller scale.

For those who would like to see models and pictures of the past Bocaue pagodas, they are currently exhibited at the ground floor of SM Marilao.

Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July

sa iba...

masaya ang araw na ito...
may fireworks sa 'Tate,
may parada ng mga floats.
madaming marching bands...
kita ang mga ngiti sa mga labi ng bawat isa...

pero ako, heto't kinakain ng pag-iisa.

random pics...

i so love seeing myself on pics! hahaha

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First of July

on the first day of july,
i created my Facebook account.

and God, wanted me to know that...

...there are two ways to create a transformation, - inside out and outside in.

You can either transform your Self inside, and have your new being flow outside and reshape your environment. Or you can first reshape your environment, and have it initiate and guide the transformation of your Self. Lots of people get stuck on trying to change the external only. But you have the knowledge that can readily reshape the external by transforming the internal.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lubao Church

Last Saturday, after attending Mrs. Castro's funeral mass at Angeles, Pampanga, my Kapampangan friend Wilmer, took me to Lubao and Sasmuan. Pampanga towns never failed to amuse me, in terms of people and churches!

The Municipality of Lubao is a first class municipality with an estimate of 140,000 residents. Lubao is one of the old towns of Pampanga as it was already a visita affiliated to Tondo in 1572, a year after the City of Manila was founded. It was the Augustinians who were responsible for evangelizing the said place. Years later, the church, after being erected was dedicated to St. Augustin, Augustinians' founding father. Decades later, the towns of Betis and Sasmuan was annexed to the town making them Lubao's visitas. The convent was once used as a temporary school for the students of Estudio de Manila in the 18th century during the British Sack of Manila. The town was made famous by its notable sons, the late President Diosdado Macapagal, his daughter President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and movie-stars Jaime and Rogelio dela Rosa to name some.


Lubao church's facade is a typical Filipino church facade. It consists of the main church, its adjoining belfry and the convento. It was once a plastered facade until recently, the bricks were exposed. Belfry was made up of adobe stones. The convento, with its charming overhanging-terraces, is of mixed bricks and masonry. Two historical markers were installed on its walls, one for the church itself. The other for President Diosdado Macapagal who was baptized at the said church.

Place of Worship

Lubao church is one of the most important places in the town. It is the place of worship of most Lubeños as the town's populace are majority Catholic. As one walks inside the church through its main doors, you will be welcomed by several images of saints such as that of the Nazareno, San Jose and the Virgin Mary. Walking past these images, one would enjoy the view of the nave. at the end of the nave is the beautifull retablo to fully indulge ones eyes.

Interesting Finds

As I explore Lubao church, there are some interesting things that my eyes never failed to noticed. At the stairway-landing leading to the parish hall inside the convento, a hard-and-heavy-looking cut-stone pot (was that a pot?) was resting at one corner. I wonder how our Lubao's old folks manged to lift that one up to the second floor. A very charming antique crucifix with its handsome Cristo Moribundo with its missing finger awaits at the parish hall. One could access the choir loft through the parish hall. The coro is still functional as we found the electronic clavinova and a board were songs (written in Tagalog) were present up there. One can also admire the beautiful stained glass representation of St. Agustine crafted by Kraut through the coro. Walking past through the coro lead us to the belfry. The belfry, with its narrow passage, houses four bells, all functional. The largest, San Agustin Obispo, named after the town's patron has a beautiful relief of the saint that is very seldom seen on church's bells around the archipelago. I am happy to see that Lubeños beautifully preserved their church, in whatever reason drove them to do so. Either on its aesthetic sense or because of the intangible treasures and stories that lies beneath its walls

Indeed Lubao church is one of the many manifestations that The Philippines is a country of people with deep faith. A country that was once "bajo delas campanas".

Spacial thanks to Tito Alex for the some informations regarding Lubao church's history and to Wilmer for his dslr. :D

Monday, June 29, 2009


End of June na...

Madaming nangyari na naman...
magandang balikan ang mga experiences at karanasan nitong nakaraang buwan...

...Start ng klase
...bangenge sessions
...Santo-related activities
...Angeles-Lubao-Sasmuan galaan
...Textmates (Lord, salamat po sa kanila :-)
...away with some people...(Kainis!)
...deadlines (oh, no!)
...foodtrip sa SM Marilao practices

Masarap magreminisce. Especially kung magaganda ang babalikan.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


im tired...
sabi nga ni sarah gernimo sa a very special love...
"kahit kailan hindi ako napagod mahalin ka... ngayon lang..."
i feel empty...
kailangan ko ng pupuno sa akin.
im bored...
ang dami kong ginagawa pero nabobore ako.
and this boredom eats me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

LSS - Kismet

I was browsing Marvin's Redfox notebook's (thanks friend!) music section when i found this Mp3 file entitled "Kismet". Alam ko, I came across this song once but i cant remember it when. I am not fond of listening to contemporary songs, so to speak, but when i came listening to this song and reflecting on its lyrics... I lost words. I kept on replaying and replaying the song...

...And I'll drive for two hours
To bring Butterfingers
I don't mind the distance
This kismet's a dance

This time I surrender
My everything forever
Life doesn't matter
Just our souls together...

Kismet - Silent Sanctuary


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mga bagay na sumasagi sa aking isip

may mga taong naaalala ka lang kapag kailangan ka nila.
kapag tapos na ang iyong pakinabang,
isasantabi ka na lamang muli sa isang sulok ng kanilang buhay...
saka na lang muling aalisin ang lambong na nakatakip sa iyo
sa sandaling kailangan na nila muli ang iyong pagdamay.

may mga tao din naman na nagpapagamit.
kahit alam nila na sila ay ginagamit lang ng mga tao sa kanilang paligid,
wala silang pakialam.
kahit pa masaktan nila ang kanilang mga sarili
handa silang kalimutan ang kanilang mga sarili dahil sa pagmamahal.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ayoko na ng ulan...

noong bata ako, gustong gusto ko ng ulan.
masarap magtampisaw sa tubig habang ako naliligo
habang nakikipaghabulan ka sa mga kalaro
naaalala ko pa,
ginagawa namin na bangka-bangkaan ang aming mga lumang tsinelas
animo'y mga pagoda
habang ito ay pinalulutang sa tubig kung bumabaha
pero habang tumatakbo ang panahon,
nagbago ang aking pagkahilig sa ulan.
hindi na ako nakakapagtampisaw sa tubig.
ayaw ko nang nababasa ng ulan...
minsan ayokong umuulan.
lalo na kapag kungsumasapit ang buwan ng mayo...
sapagkat ang dala nito ay lamig
lamig na manunuot sa aking kalamnan.
wala naman akong kakayahan upang ito ay pawiin
ang pagpawi ng lamig na aking nararamdaman.
lamig na nanunuot sa kaibuturan
ng isang puwang sa aking buhay
na nais kong punan.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

ang aking unang bhlag! (pero hindi ito ang una...)

blogger na ako noon pa.

korek, hindi ito ang una... hahaha
i've been blogging since... uhmmm... time immemorial. hahaha
hindi ko na maalala
pero ito ang unang blog ko sa blogspot...
ewan ko kung bakit hindi ako dito nagblog noon,
pero i think, i considered na magblog dito...
kaso it turned out na sa Multiply at sa friendsterblogs ako nauwi...
Napilitan lang ako (ooops hahaha) na magblog dito kasi may in service training kami sa school about blogging...
trendy na daw gamitin ang blogspot sa sang-kainternet-an...
sana maging mabunga ang paggawa ko ng blog na ito...
hindi sana nito ma-overshine ang exisisting blog ko sa multiply na ang happy-happy!